Men frequently wonder how to stay longer in bed with a woman. It can make both lovers sad, whether it’s as a result of early ejaculation or because of fear of early discharge, health problems, or inexperience. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques you can try to increase your endurance and expand the duration of your erection. In a one-on-one interview, with an employee from a leading escort agency that has been known for its renowned escort service in Raipur, we got to know how to get rid of this common sexual issue. We will discuss some of the finest strategies for getting extra time in bed with attractive Raipur Escorts. While professional escorts can provide you with the best satisfaction, your time with these girls can enhance your intercourse time if you use them more frequently for multiple sessions.

Keep Your Breathing Under Control During Penetration

One of the finest ways to spend more time in bed with stunning Raipur escorts is to learn how to manage your breathing. Rapid, shallow breathing may cause your body to become overstimulated, which can cause early ejaculation. By taking slow, deep breaths, you can relax your muscles and delay your ejaculation to increase your climax time. Try engaging in deep breathing techniques like yoga or meditation to improve your breathing control on a regular basis. this will surely help you achieve a longer erection.

Utilize the squeeze method

A quick and effective approach to stop early ejaculation is the squeeze method. During an intimate encounter with an escort service in Raipur, stop when you feel your climax approaching. For a few seconds, gently grasp the base of your penis. Your level of arousal will decrease as a result, delaying ejaculation. This approach can be continued throughout your interaction.

Attempt alternate sex positions

You can lengthen your time in bed by using particular sexual positions. For example, the “stop and start” technique alternates between shallow and deep thrusts, which can help to lower your state of excitement and lengthen the course of the intercourse. With gorgeous escorts in Raipur, try different sex positions like the missionary or spooning positions, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, the good X or the standing wheelbarrow and many more if you want greater control over the depth and speed of penetration.

Use of Spray or condom for lesser sensation

To reduce sensitivity and lengthen intercourse, use desensitizing sprays or condoms. These substances offer a mild anaesthetic that numbs the penis and increases the amount of time you spend in bed. Following the instructions and testing these products for allergies and adverse reactions is essential, though. With the use of these products, you can calm down your nerves for longer sessions with Raipur Escorts and enjoy excellent sexual pleasure for a longer span.

Be transparent to Your Sex Partner

Communication is key when it comes to extending the amount of time spent in bed. Tell your sex partner whether it’s your girlfriend, wife or some call girl you have hired. if you start to become tense or need to take a break. Together, experiment with different approaches and gain opinions. Working together, you can decide what suits you both the most. If you can communicate properly with the girl throughout your intercourse time, it will enhance your experience.

Pre-Sex Masturbation

If you masturbate before sex, you can stay in bed for longer. In order for your body to “recharge” after an orgasm, do this. By masturbating before, you can reduce your penile sensitivity and lengthen your interaction with an escort service in Raipur. Moderation is advised, though, as regular excessive masturbation might become a cause of early ejaculation.

Use diversionary tactics

Distraction techniques can help you turn your focus away from the emotions that are causing you to ejaculate too quickly. You may try singing or reciting a poem aloud, counting backwards from 100, or focusing on a non-sexual feature of your partner’s body. By focusing on something else, you might reduce your degree of arousal and lengthen the duration of the intercourse for sure.


You may increase your endurance and lengthen your time having sex with hot and attractive Raipur Escorts by implementing these ideas and practices into your sexual routine. Keep in mind that staying in bed longer does not indicate your masculinity or value as a mate. It’s crucial to be honest and upfront with the woman you plan to have an intimate relationship with, to be patient and kind to yourself, and to concentrate on the enjoyment and connection you can share. Book them from Escorts Babylon if you want to hire the most gorgeous escort service in Raipur. The skilled escorts can make your times extravagantly lovely and meet your sinister desires.

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