Old Goa was the capital city of Goa before Panaji. The city houses many UNESCO cultural heritage and beautiful natural sights for tourists. You can heritage sites with architectural beauty. The city has a rich history and heritage for tourists to witness on the tour. With so many grand buildings such as temples, churches, and majestic convents, this place is a top choice for tourists who love architecture. All these things give Old Goa a place in the sightseeing tour for tourists.

Apart from witnessing the beautiful architecture, you can enjoy a good time in the natural surroundings. There are places for enjoying good food and drinks. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife by exploring the hubs. Party hard with your girlfriend and dance on the floor at nightclubs. The presence of these things makes Old Goa City a top choice for tourists.

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Before Panaji, the capital of Goa was Old Goa. The city offers visitors stunning natural landmarks and a wealth of UNESCO cultural treasures. There are beautiful architectural heritage sites. During the trip, visitors may observe the city’s rich history and tradition. Architecture enthusiasts will find this site to be highly recommended, since it is home to several magnificent structures, including cathedrals, temples, and stately convents. Old Goa has a spot on the tourist sightseeing itinerary because of all these factors.

In addition to taking in the stunning building, you may have fun in the surrounding natural environment. There are spots to savor delicious meals and beverages. Explore the hotspots to take advantage of the exciting nightlife. Go out to clubs and have a great time dancing on the dance floor with your sweetheart. These factors make Old Goa City a popular destination for travelers.

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