Rajaji is an old suburb in Bangalore. The town is known for its markets, temples and educational institutes. Students from different regions come here for higher studies in reputed colleges. Many popular shopping complexes are available here such as GT World Mall, Lulu Hypermarket, and others. Many healthcare facilities like Fortis Hospital and Vasan Eye Care Hospital operate here for the residents. The locality is a top choice for working professionals. Thus, this neighbourhood has world- class facilities for comfortable living.

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Bangalore’s Rajaji is an older suburb. The town is well-known for its educational institutions, marketplaces, and temples. Reputable colleges attract students from many places who wish to pursue higher education here. This area is home to a number of well-known retail centres, including GT World Mall and Lulu Hypermarket. Here, a number of medical facilities for the locals are operated, including Fortis Hospital and Vasan Eye Care Hospital. For professionals in the workforce, the area is highly recommended. Because of this, the neighbourhood offers top-notch amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

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